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written by Estu kaami aftadai on Nov 07, 2003 02:02
He has committed suicide and his Ka has been moved into that of an NPC. He resides in the Horde level, which there is a portal to near the center of the Soulcavern.

He holds his own Ka, which if yielded gives the owner all of Evil McNasty's properties in addition to the owner's normal ones. However, killing him is pretty much impossible, since Evil McNasty is one of the toughest NPCs ever created and is completely unfriendly. Have fun trying, though :p.

MSs are welcome to view his properties; just don't change anything or give him items.

*edit* Thanks to Stellanaut for helping me fix some bugs with Evil McNasty!

*edit 2* Oh, and if you die because you walked up to Evil McNasty despite the warning sign and can't get the stuff back that you owned, I'll consider giving it back to you. Just reply to this thread or tell me about it on chat.
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written by Algebra2 on Sep 05, 2004 20:59
Stellanaut has defeated Evil McNasty and obtained his Ka.
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Sep 05, 2004 21:04
Wow.. almost took a year for someone to finally beat him.
written by Algebra2 on Sep 05, 2004 21:07
Well, he needed the Ka for a quest, I'm sure he would have been able beforehand...
written by Stellanaut on Sep 07, 2004 03:08
Actually, before i had your help, 15 of me might of had a slight chance of beating him.
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. /../Evil McNasty!/ 1
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