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written by Cryoburner on Jun 02, 2003 08:01
Well, here is a thread for posting suggestions of things you would like to see in future versions of Noctis. If you know that something is already listed in the other forum, you might as well not bother listing it here as well, unless you are taking it in some alternate direction or expanding upon it. These suggestions aren't for any particular release, just to give Alex an idea of things that people may like to see sometime in the future...

It would be nice for Noctis to eventually get to the point where you could spend huge amounts of time on a single planet, discovering new forms of randomly-generated life, geographic formations, and exploring the depths of the oceans. You could even name new species of plants and animals, and give names to lakes, mountains, etc, which would appear as tags on an overlay map, and also visible over the objects using a special "Classification HUD". The HUD could have a crosshair in the center of it, and to name an animal or formation, you would point at it and click a button, which would snap a photo and simultaneously bring up a menu for naming and writing info about the organism or object. Also, when the classification hud is active, you will see onscreen info hovering over previously named objects and species of creatures, complete with info about body temperature, etc. Even nearby star and planet names could be displayed in their respective locations in the sky.

Another thing I would like to see is advanced creature ai, where some animals would move as herds, flocks, or swarms. Predatory animals could even be found catching and eating herbavores on occassion. The varieties of animals in a given grid could be based upon its location, altitude, temperature, etc, so that the types of animals would stay the same if visiting the area again in the future. One suggestion for putting together random animals would be to assemble them from a large list of predefined parts, which could be chosen from based on their environment, including gravity, temperature, foliage, etc. Another way would be for the actual meshes to be deformed in various ways, although that could be quite difficult to implement well from a programming standpoint.
written by Overtilt on Jun 02, 2003 13:15
I like the thought of herds... alot... I'm trying not to imagine it so I don't start drooling. It's so embarrasing when I start drooling at work.

I would also like to see forests and beaches and stuff like that.
written by Jim mc quim on Jun 02, 2003 18:54
How about a greater variety of movement? Cartwheels and fluff. More jumping.

Trust this suggestion to come from the over active child on the forum...
written by Raptorjedi on Jun 02, 2003 19:00
I have brought up the whole predator/prey/herd thing before, but maybe if we bring it up alot, alex might try to see if it can be done than more fun for everyone, and Jim, jumping would be fun
written by Overtilt on Jun 02, 2003 20:55
Yeah. You could run to the edges of canyons and actually jump OVER them if the gravity is low enough! And since you definately won't be able to actually change direction while in the air, you can turn around and look at the other edge drifting away!
written by Azirphaeli on Jun 07, 2003 02:14
Here's what i'd love to see::

1) More ruins, and a much greater variety. I had a dream a couple of nights ago about a desert world. I talked to a star drifter that told me about it. 30 ruins on the planet, he found one.

I thought to myself how cool it would be if it was real.. and even cooler if it was noctis.

2) Enter ruins. Mayber a small 3d map with little variety that can be repeated randomly for each type of ruin. maybe even some rare items you can find in them, and artifacts for bragging rights. or something more...

3) The ability for your felician to die. Not very easily, mind you. But maybe for insane conditions on planets. Remove the inability to land on a gas giant and just kill you off if you make the mistake of it. Hostile creatures that you can fend off. etc...

It'd be cool if some planets weren't as explored as others cause of a potential threat. Only the bravest go there, and the rewards are great.

4) More stars, more planets, the more the merrier .

I'll think of more when i can.
written by Tobba on Jul 24, 2003 17:02
Forests and beaches is a good idea, deserts, mountains (real ones, and really large, not just high pointy hills) and caves would also be nice.
written by Stargazer on Jul 24, 2003 17:07
Overtilt said:
Yeah. You could run to the edges of canyons and actually jump OVER them if the gravity is low enough! And since you definately won't be able to actually change direction while in the air, you can turn around and look at the other edge drifting away!
You can actually do that in Noctis IV - not quite jumping over, but at least gain enough speed to drift from one ledge to the other (just approunch a ledge on a low-G world, press "9", and hold in the first mouse button and then drag the mouse away from you just before you move off the ledge).

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written by Tobba on Jul 24, 2003 17:30
Jumping over canyons...
There should be a land vehicle that could reach so high speeds that you could jump(loooong!) from cliffs and stuff.
written by Cryoburner on Jul 25, 2003 08:08
Well, I personally don't think that a land vehicle would fit in very well. The ability to jump long distances on extremely low gravity worlds would be entertaining enough.

Tobba said:
Forests and beaches is a good idea, deserts, mountains (real ones, and really large, not just high pointy hills) and caves would also be nice.
Speaking of beaches and mountains, I would like to see colors and textures vary depending upon the land's elevation, along with what type of planet it is. Areas just above water level could have a sandy beach texture some of the time, above that could be grass on felysian worlds, and rock could cover steep cliffs and high elevations. The highest areas of mountains could even have snowy ground. Textures should also fade neatly into one another, to prevent obvious edges from appearing.

While we're at it, footprints could appear in the sand or snow as you walk across it, and they could fade over the course of a minute or so, to lessen the system resources required for them. This disappearing process could easily be attributed to wind erroding them.

Realistic large-scale mountain chains and other landscape formations could be a possibility someday, although I really don't think that they'll make it into Noctis V, as Alex already seems to have terrain creation implemented using a different method. Maybe they could make it into Noctis VI though. I have been programming some realistic random fractal terrain generators, and I have the plans for a planetary-scale generator drawn out on paper. It's just a matter of time before I actually get around to programming it, and seeing how well it works.

Edit: Everyone always wants caves! I admit that they would be rather cool, although I think focus should be centered on improving the above ground landscape first, since that is where we spend most of our time. That isn't even to mention that some problems with connecting a terrain to underground cave systems would have to be worked out, along with the cave generation itself. Personally, I think that underwater exploration would be a lot easier to add, and would add more to the simulation than caves would for the time being.
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written by Overtilt on Jul 25, 2003 09:42
I actually agree. I mean, I WANT caves, of course. Caves kick arse. They'd give Noctis that final kick into true 3D. But, as you say, it'd be hard to implement properly, what with the combination of fractal maps and geometry. I don't know much about programming, but I can easily see where that would be a problem...

Underwater exploration sounds like a real treat! THAT could be cool!
poptart fire!
written by Kalliope on Jul 25, 2003 13:33
Sentients, or signs of sentient life, besides the Felisian ruins. As neat as it is landing on all the different worlds, there tends not to be much other than vegetation (or ice caves, depending where you land), birds, and the extremely rare bovine or feline or other sort of animal. Extremely rare, and it's nuts trying to chase it down to get some good photographs... Oh heck, even just more lifeforms, I suppose.

And on a more 'wishful thinking/for fun' note, how about some sea transport and possibly underwater exploration gear? I don't know about you guys, but that bobbing up and down actually makes me slightly motion sick. If I'm trying to swim somewhere, I have to shut my eyes or look elsewhere 98% of the time, and peek occasionally just to make sure I'm still on track -- or even GOING anywhere. Thank goodness for auto-speed...
written by Raptorjedi on Jul 25, 2003 14:05
Kalliope said:
Sentients, or signs of sentient life, besides the Felisian ruins.
I am assuming you mean actual felisians, since well, there arent any other sentient beings in noctis, at least none that are really in the game, I mean we do have Dragon's, and Saurians(me ) and Rabbits, and Weasels, and a whole plethora of other races, but unless you are using your imagination, they arent in the game.

and underwater sounds cool, I want to go underwater, and see fish, big fish, little fish, big fish eating little fish....
written by Stargazer on Jul 25, 2003 14:26
Another thing which could be possible in Noctis VI+, may be to re-engage the trading aspect of the simulator (remember "banca dati"?).

I think I remember reading somewhere around here that Noctis could be a galactic survival game (the story itself reflects this): a simulator where the player don't just drift around with automatic survival, but where survival could be a real part of the simulator.

Imagine trading (with NPC's) mineral-samples and fuel, for food-supplies and/or ship-improvements for example (similar to StarFlight), if a player dies he or she (or it) is returned to the starting point, loosing any cargo they may have collected.

Maybe even, in a far-future version of Noctis, the player could get experience points - the more they trade, or the longer (or the way) they survive give points the player can invest for experience (i.e. a player can run faster/longer, or attack birds with grater accuracy by investing experience points into those fields - similar to that seen in different RPG's).

As LINOLEUM does not have the old DOS-limitations, and is therefore much more open for fantasy, the idea of trading information and/or mineral samples and food and fuel, possibly even together with experience-points, might forehaps be included in a future version of Noctis.

I think that trading with other StarDrifters (NPC-based), and gaining experience-points from surviving, can enhance the atmosphere of Noctis, and maybe make it more viable for different types of players.

This would not require online play - just place NPC's out over the galaxy, and maybe add a feature to summon one to trade with.

These are just ideas though, and by no means intended as actual wishes - I'm just thinking out loud.

"Noctis VII: Galactic Survivor - can you survive the galaxy?"

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written by Raptorjedi on Jul 25, 2003 14:40
Ok, old ones, but they are good ones, beacons!
Nothing to big and flashy, just have a thing in the menu to turn beacons on and off, and when you have them on, and goto land on a planet, anywhere a beacon is set will flash, could be used to mark important things...

Life on other planets, like say... on quartz planets, they do have oxygen... or something like that

Extra things in your drifter, I dont know if its just me, but the drifter looks bigger in NV than it does now, so something, furniture, or... well a little place to keep an interesting plant you find, like finding a phantom forest, and you want to have a tree from it.

end rant
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