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written by Stargazer on Dec 10, 2003 22:38
Are we off topic yet?

In an attempt to return to topic: good work getting all this information back, SC!
written by Vib rib on Dec 10, 2003 22:41
Yeah. I'm glad someone saved it. And I still would take up that etymology argument, but... don't want to get more offtopic.
Furthermore, you've done well organizing it.
written by Overtilt on Dec 10, 2003 22:48
Yeah. Shush. You're the one who's LIKELY to show felisians having sex (not making love), anyway. You cannot deny this!
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 14, 2004 09:19

This would fit here, I kind of probed Alex's mind a while back about felisians, and here is what he had to say about their colors...

Alex said:
There are many colors for the fur, but they're rarely striped. They are often either plain colored or "shaded" by 2 colors mixing together with a smooth gradient. As for terrestrial cats, it is not rare to have the combination: body and head in one color, tip of the tail and paws of the other color. But the most frequent combination is, in my idea, a gradient dividing the upper side of the body from the lower side... uhm, a bit like in sharks, if you get what I mean. Belly and legs in one color, back in the other one. And here's one last frequent detail: a differently, vividly coloured stripe over a "general background color", running on each side of the body, from their neck to their tail, but not including the tail itself [which is meant to use background color]. Colors include: AMBER (the most frequent, covering I'd say some 60% of the population), amber and dark maroon, amber and white, entirely white, white with amber, entirely maroon, black with white, black with amber, entirely black, medium grey, light grey, and... yup... also, but rather rarely (10% or so) light blue and pea green. That's pratically all. No red, no real yellow, amber may be more like a shade of orange sometimes, but no farther. Color was influenced by the environment: those in forested areas were often coloured in dark, in cold territories often covered in snow, white (albine)was much more frequent, while the weird tones (blue/green) were found in grassy plains, and on some large islands.
I asked other things too, but they will be released later, because they more relate to my fanfic, and things will be given away and such.
written by Xeiran on Jan 14, 2004 09:34
Raptorjedi said:

Alex said:
...and dark maroon...
Woo, definately my color.
written by William dojinn on Jan 15, 2004 22:36
I wonder...how would our favorite spacefairing superinteligent felines react if one of them happened(through some ungodly unlikely accident or something) wound up in contact with humans.
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Jan 15, 2004 23:13
Probably kill them off.
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 16, 2004 04:39
I think Gazer put something like that in a fanfic he wrote... or something... *checks the timeline*

<q>c. 0000:0000:6015:800.???.??? cc (2,135 CE)

By this time, Humans have made First Contact with the Felysians (who have found a Jump Node leading to Milky Way), signed a global treaty, and have alliances with the Centauri and the Krsofost. Relationship with the Felysians has soured, however.</q>

Not sure exactly what happened, but there it is
poptart fire!
written by Kalliope on Jan 16, 2004 04:40
Centauri and Krsofost?
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 16, 2004 04:42
Yeah, no clue what those are, ask Gazer. And the timeline can be found here http://wolfchar.freeshell.org/timeline/timeline.html if you want to look at it...
written by William dojinn on Jan 16, 2004 17:16
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 16, 2004 17:18
*wonders just how many people knew abou that*

I check it for everything I need to know about Noctis history, got it bookmarked. Helps with Fanfics
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 17, 2004 02:46
More info!

Me said:
What was their family life like? At what age did Kitha's leave their mother? Did both parents care for the young? Did their implants get placed at birth? Did early felisians live in groups like earth cats, like hunt and such? How did mother felisians care for their young?
Alex said:
Kithas leaved the mother at around 7-8 epocs of age, which is admittedly a lot. But in every field, they had quite a bunch of experience to learn from their only parent [because the father did absolutely not care], so they did need a lot of time to get practiced/experienced/teached enough before living on their own, and given the long life span, there was no hurry. Family life was pretty fine: mum taken care for her kids, trained them [before private teachers appeared, of course], teached them how to hunt down things, how to fight, basic education, and she tried to satisfy every needs of the kids, generally not forbidding anything unless it was physically dangerous. Heh, incest was not that unfrequent, erm... nevermind that. The kindness of mothers rarely influenced the personality of kids in a negative way, that is, by making them lazy or weak, that's a fact. In recent times, mothers could have LOTS of kids in their very long life. Over a hundred was a good average per female. But in the past, to avoid overcrowding, both males and females limited themselves because in the first place, they would have considered a terrible nightmare to live on an overcrowded planet. However, apart from that, there were absolutely no fixed couples...
Me said:
Did felisians have furniture, like beds, chairs, scratching posts....
Alex said:
They mostly used slots in the walls and low tables to hold stuff, no beds, no chairs. However they loved those fluffy soft rugs that were the equivalend of a bed, and often built up glueing selected feathers from heh... their main food source, birds. But later, they built those with synthetic materials, especially to avoid greedy merchants [there were relatively few, but there were] who killed birds and other lifeforms to gather prime matter for those rugs they were selling. Killing something for a reason that was NOT involving eating it, was a serious crime. They had that natural instict to "play with food", which was strongly witheld, and the most certain way to get scratched by mum if you did
Alex said:
Eating: they went outside homes to eat, under gazebos and similar structures when it rained. They used to roast and cook foods [90% meat] on live fire, placed in simple circles of stones on the bare ground. They eat a lot like primitive humans. Homes were used for sleeping [upon soft fluffy rugs] although they often slept outside when the weather allowed a pelasant stay, but especially, homes were used for getting together to discuss stuff, for working, closed-space entertainments, have sex etc...
There, thats some of what I used in Chapter Two of my story, so I released it. I didn't use it all, but you can notice some of it in the story.
written by Stellanaut on Jan 19, 2004 17:55
5.2 G resistance seems low considering that felysians (i'm assuming like cats) are very agile.
written by Premier on Jan 21, 2004 16:14
Raptorjedi said:
Yeah, no clue what those are, ask Gazer. And the timeline can be found here http://wolfchar.freeshell.org/timeline/timeline.html if you want to look at it...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think even that timeline is only apocryphal in that it doesn't come from Alex in person.
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