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written by Stargazer on Jan 21, 2004 16:59
Yup, Premier is right - the timeline is only fan-fic, and not in any way official.
Not that I can remember anyone has ever said it was official...

Let's just call it a parallel universe - how things could have gone, if things had taken a slightly different turn. The official universe has never had wars, nor any Drakhnator (gah, why, oh why did I create those?!) or Li+ eaters, after all...
written by Shadowclaw on Jan 21, 2004 17:01
I hate to disagree, but how do you know they didn't happen? The only thing we have to go off is the Noctis manual, and as you know that isn't very conclusive - it hardly contains anything about the past. Absence of evidence does not equal evidence of ansence.
written by Stargazer on Jan 21, 2004 17:13
Well, officially it never happened - Alex has said himself he disliked the idea of the Drakhnator, and there exists no offcial records of any conflict.
That's why the timeline is fan-fic; a tale of a universe rather parallel to that which Alex created, it has lots of similarities, but it is still not the offcial one.
written by Shadowclaw on Jan 21, 2004 17:50
In which case... I'm waiting for Alex to make an official one.
i hate it here!
written by Ginja_ninja on Jan 21, 2004 17:52
A slight comment is that the Drakhnator stuff is yours Stargazer. Along with the other universes and timelines, jump gates Parsis being a great great scientist. I always had him more as a explorer that created the coordinates system as a tool.

The stuff me, RJ and others have done might be more in line with felisian nature. Although I admit I have a very human like approach to many subjects.
written by Shadowclaw on Jan 21, 2004 17:59
That might be part of the 'problem', Ginja... Gazer's writing things, then abandoning them and going in completely the opposite direction. However much we try to 'fix' things by redefining them, it's still a mess.
written by Stargazer on Jan 21, 2004 19:46
I agree that I was the problem from the start.

But now, well, I refused to continue with the fan-fic I wrote before - becouse it was just not right; it was a huge mistake ever to begin with it, and I hope you belive me when I say I regret it a lot.
I have no idea what I was thinking back then, but I do know that I don't exactly like the "Stargazer" that signed unto the old forums. I know he was me, but I also think that I may have changed since then.
And I hope that I am not likely to repeat the same mistake again - I will certainly try to avoid it as much as I possibly can.
written by Shadowclaw on Jan 21, 2004 19:54
Well, that's fine. The problem is, that stuff you wrote is still around, and it isn't going anywhere, so we have to deal with it. I'm trying to use some of it as plot devices, for example, and not dwelling on it (like any other plot device).
written by Stargazer on Jan 21, 2004 20:04
How about adding a new entry into the timeline: Epoc 6011:632:952:470 - Stargazer discovers he aimed at the wrong universe when attening informaiton about the Drakhnator's role in the galaxy, and he decides in effect to close down all communicaiton with said universe, and instead start tapping into another one he hopes will be more correct then the last one (looser).

..well, or something like that.
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 21, 2004 20:06
Gazer, you just can't do that, the removal of the Drakhnator means we have to re-write most of the fanfics that already exist, the Lithium Eaters only came into existance because of Drakhnator technology if I remember correctly...
written by Shadowclaw on Jan 21, 2004 20:09
No, that won't work.

As Doc Brown said in BTTF2, the only way of repairing the present is to go into the past. In other words, we need a "cusp event" of sorts, in order to create a new timeline, where the Drakhnator have less influence.

Or, we could simple relegate the Drakhnator to the role of "plot device", as I suggested, and simply not bother with them. This would allow us to correct some of the other "mistakes" in the timeline, like the plagiarised Gateways. That is, unless the Ancients were the Heechee (or however it is spelt )
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 21, 2004 20:11
I think that is how its spelled. Its been a while since I played
written by Stargazer on Jan 21, 2004 20:40
Yup, Heechee - and it's not just a game, RJ, but a (very good) book-series as well (highly recommended, by the way).
Damnit, what the hell was I thinking, stealing from other places, as if I hadn't done enough harm already?

*hits himself repeatedly over the head with a cane*
written by Shadowclaw on Jan 21, 2004 21:14
Don't worry about it, SG, I'm performing a rather large temporal engineering project as we speak
written by Noddle on Jan 23, 2004 18:49
Fantastic. The amount of information, science, history and thought, all stuffed into this one single race, is unbelievable.
It makes me jump up and down in pure happieness.
(The drawing's really good)
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