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written by Stellanaut on Feb 04, 2004 02:50
I don't think that the felysian heartbeat in the game is measured correctly, because 100 pulses per sithra is about 1 pulse per ten seconds.
written by Shadowclaw on Feb 04, 2004 03:48
Stellanaut said:
I don't think that the felysian heartbeat in the game is measured correctly, because 100 pulses per sithra is about 1 pulse per ten seconds.
Actually, a sithra is 50 seconds, so 100 pps = 120 bpm.
written by Raptorjedi on Feb 24, 2004 01:35
Okay! I have gotten bored, so more info from Alex about Felysians!

Alex said:
Yup, when they stand on their hind legs, of course. All four... well, when they lay on one side. On a reason concerning evolution of their small hands, there could be the need for walking across the tree tops of large forests where trees had almost horizontal branches spreading in large overlapping umbrellas, hence the need to "grip" on the branches while walking on a "plain" of them hovering above the ground and safe from larger predators.
That was about their hands.

Alex said:
No clothes at all, but decorations made of rare metals were largely used. Preferably small necklaces, or rings to wear on the tail, and eventually something like short, vividly coloured drapes attached to the rings. There was no distinction between male and female decorations, they were unisex
That was about their clothes and such.

And this is about tools/weapons

Alex said:
No armours, no weapons but teeth and claws, or they'd have been considered cowards. However some sorts of small metallic "powerups" for these natural weapons, and although agains the common conventions, were largely used in fights. There were no real wars, because of their natural tendence to "mind their own business": if some sort of governor called them to fight all together, they were very unlikely to follow...

Tools: yup, they had lots, and used them not very differently from us. A difference could have been that some tools were also designed to be used with the infradigital claws [the claws between the fingers]: such as steathite tables to write stuff on by scratching them, and later eventually embellish the work by filling the depressions with proper inks. Steathite is a soft stone which was very abundant on Felysia, and the variety of that stone used for writings was often a dark green. Excavating the mineral with claws they obtained brighter and almost white traces, so the inks used to enforce contrast were often white, or pretty bright colors anyway.
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written by Lightning4 on Jul 02, 2004 12:02
Bumping this because it's been buried far enough, and some of the new people would probably want to see this.
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written by Megagun on Oct 31, 2004 21:23
*bump* I think this needs to be stickied... It provides us with pretty much info, IMHO...
written by Stargazer on Oct 31, 2004 21:29
If so, I would really like to remove the excess posts which does not contain any information about the Felisians (and/or split at some parts), to clean the thread up a little so its easier to find the relevant information about the species. If that's ok for those who posted here, of course.
written by Raptorjedi on Oct 31, 2004 21:35
Just sticky it Gazer, because if you split it then other things I posted about them would get lost, and deleting would cause confusion.

Nevermind, I did it.
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written by Megagun on Oct 31, 2004 21:36
Oh, perhaps link this page at the "Noctis"-page (you know... the page you get when you click on "Noctis" above)....
Edit: it is already linked there...

Maybe you can try and put all information in the first two/three posts, if that is possible..
written by Shadowclaw on Oct 31, 2004 21:39
That'd require a lot of re-editing, and I'm sure than no-one really wants to do it.
written by Stargazer on Oct 31, 2004 21:41
I can't see how deleting could cause any serious problems, as long as we keep the relevent posts it may just to clean things up a little.

Oh, and there's already a link to this thread on the Noctis homepage, on the side-frame.
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written by Megagun on Oct 31, 2004 21:50
Idea: make a new thread, with all stuff in it, sticky it (and lock it?), and put this thread back to storage. Then, relink the link at the Noctis homepage...
written by Raptorjedi on Oct 31, 2004 21:58
Or maybe create a whole new thread with all the info, sticky and lock it and make this the discussion thread. I vote for that if anyone does anything.
written by Stargazer on Oct 31, 2004 22:19
I agree. Could someone please remind me to compile the information once I get home from work tomorrow, if no one else has done so by then? I would be happy to take care of it if no one else does. : )
written by Shadowclaw on Oct 31, 2004 22:21
Since I made the original thread last year, I'll do it, just give me a moment.
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written by Shadowlord on Oct 31, 2004 23:38
In the "Physiology of a Felysian" thread, SC said:
Copy and paste the following text at your own risk. Explicit content!
I note that the text referred to is perfectly visible. Wherever it was before, it was the same color as the background. I don't think tiny text would work well, considering how folks might have the min font size set higher (like I do).

SC also said:
More <em>infatuations</em> about Felisians, such as their history, technology, culture and social organizations will be given as soon as possible.
Actually, might want to delete that note entirely, considering we haven't gotten any more information about Felisians' history, technology, etc.
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