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written by Stargazer on Dec 22, 2003 18:55
This thread is for users to post their favourite links in; for any of your homepages, or other website you think would benefit the people of this community.
The links in this thread does not have to be directly assosiated with Noctis or HSP in any way, but you are encourage to post links to sites that you belive will be of some value to the members of this site.

Now, please note that this is not the thread for off-topicism: if you want to post in this thread, you should have a link to contribute with.

The rules are quite simple: the links has to lead to sites that have content suitable for all ages; that is, pornography, blood and guts, extensive use of filthy/offensive language, illegal activites (such as "warez", serial-numbers, illigal downloads and so forth), and other similar content are not to be posted here. If such a link is found in this thread, it will be imidiatly removed by a powercat or admin.
Also, you should remember to read the links already posted by others before posting yours - there's no need to have the same links posted by different persons, after all.
If you have spotted a link you find offensive/unsuitable, or if you want to add, remove or edit some of the rules in this thread, just tell a moderator or admin.

You may also want to post some description of where the link leads to, and what may be found there. This is not a requirement, though.

And again, you are highly encouraged to post links that can be associated with Noctis or HSP in some way, though any links within the limits set above are welcome as well.

I'll start with a few of my own favourite links:
Noctis IV Yahoo Group

The Noctis Yahoo group is hosted by the Yahoo web-service, and players can use it to make their own photo-galleries, host their files, and post about places you've been in the galaxy.

Owned and moderated by Shadowclaw.
Noctis IV MSN Group

In the MSN group, you can do much the same as in the Yahoo group, only the MSN group has a different interface, and each member also get their own 3 MB for free to upload any Noctis-related pictures and files, and make their own galleries and file-folders.

Moderated by me.
Orbiter 2004

Official home of the famous Orbiter simulator by British doctor Martin Schweiger.
Orbiter is a free, but also extremely powerful and ultra-realistic space flight simulator. Using one of the most accurate 3D Newtonian physics engines ever released to the public at this time, it appears Orbiter might be only surpassed in the space-simulation front by NASA's own astronaut training computer-simulators.

Note that I highly advice you to visit the Orbiter forums as well, where many intelligent and gifted people constantly expands the simulator in new directions (among one of the gratest addons are definently the module which adds sound to Orbiter )

Do you think you got what it takes to survive the true dangers of space?

Chris Laurels free, open sourced planetarium software. Highly recomended! As with Orbiter, it is highly modifiable, and many addons has been released that enhances the experience, so remember to visit the forums.

Celestia has also been used by both NASA and ESA, to calculate and simulate the paths of spacecrafts, and also provide other illustrations.

One of the largest and most powerful space-related news services in the world, a must for any space-fans.
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i hate it here!
written by Ginja_ninja on Dec 22, 2003 20:00

If you don't know this site, then you should. It contains FAQs, cheats and reviews for nearly every commercial game in existence. A great help when your stuck in the sewers and can't find that amulet.
written by Stargazer on Dec 22, 2003 20:22
A few more of my own:
<a href=http://www.esa.int>ESA

The European Space Agency is among the most powerful and influencial space-interest agencies in the world. ESA is founded and run by no less then 15 European countries - both within the EU, but also outside of it - thereby becomming the herald of a united Europe, looking foreward towards the next frontier.

Of spesific interest is the Aurora programme - aimed at no less then a return to the moon, and landing a man on Mars by 2025; ESA.int is also the first place to look for any ESA-related news - including new images from the Mars Express mission.
<a href=http://www.nasa.gov>NASA

The Amercian space agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, was formed in the early 1950's, and played a crucial role in getting the cold war to end peacefully. NASA is respected around the world as the largest, most powerful space-agency on the planet; which indeed is correct.
NASA has launched countless probe missions and manned operations; they are especially known for the first lunar landing in 1969, but they are also known for their work on the Space Shuttle Fleet; the ISS, where they are a major contractor; their robotic missions to Mars; and their orbital space telescopes just to name a few.
Although they mostly confine their operations to probe-missions, and near-Earth orbit in our days, NASA remains a powerful government agency; and currently one of our best hopes for future manned operations in space.

NASA's website includes many hundreds of gigabytes of information, not only about missions and probes, but also about space in general. NASA.gov is really worth the visit!

Home of the X-prize competition - an attempt at jumpstarting civilian space tourism by presenting a challange to civilians around the world: the first to launch a privatly founded manned spacecraft to the height of 100 kilometres above Earth's surface (and return both the crew and the vessel back alive), and repeat this success within two weeks, wins 10 million dollars.
At their homesite, you can surf among the many international competitors to this historic challange.
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written by Chad on Dec 23, 2003 00:46
My homepage and whatnot.
DOS Games
A nice place to find some old DOS games and other usefull things.
MultiPlayer Online Game Directory
A wonderful place to find online games.
StarDrifters Journal
Here is a blog site for all you stardrifters and anyone else out there who would like to join.
Here you can rent games online for any system including SNES and NES.
written by Raptorjedi on Dec 23, 2003 06:10
*puts up a few from his favorites*

*plugs the site for the artist that made him want to draw. Why? Just because *

Sons of the Storm
My favorite artist has his work on this page, Sam Didier, his work in the warcraft manuals made me want to draw more.
Has some space stuff, but is a all around science/tech site.
National Geographic
Has a lot of info on it, about lots of things.
Why? because people have a hard time finding them (Edit, I had to do it this way because of something with postline, kept saying it didnt exist or something.)
American Monsters
Probably wouldn't benefit the forums at all. But I like going here, has a lot of info on what could be out there.

Thats... about it really....
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written by Stargazer on Dec 23, 2003 10:01
The Planetary Society

The Planetary Society is one of the largest civilian, nonprofit international space-interest organization on this world. Originally founded in 1980 by reknowned astronomer and science-popularizer Carl Sagan, together with other famous astronomers and scientists Bruce Murray, and Louis Friedman, the Planetary Society has the sole porpose of promoting human spaceflight and exploration of the solar system.
They are now working on Cosmos 1 - Mankinds first solar-sail probe - and the Society is also involved in many other scientific missions; as the SpaceGuard initiative who scans the skies, searching for possibly Earth-treathning asteroids or comets.
The Mars Society

The civilian Mars Society is founded by Dr. Robert Zubrin; a reknowed scientist who has deviced one of the most realistic plans of getting humans to Mars and return them safely to Earth.
The sole goal of the Mars Society is to promote, inspire, and research the possibility of a future manned mission to the Red Planet.
The Society has already build an Antarctic research station, where they tested the feasability of humans living and working together with machines in one of the most Mars-like environments on Earth. The Society also takes an active role in proposing and devloping instruments which can "hithhike" with robotic probes to Mars itself.
written by Naavis on Dec 23, 2003 11:21
Here's a couple for future game developers:

Gamasutra - The Art & Science of Making Games
Amateur Game Developer
Game Developer Magazine
GameDev.net - all your game development needs
flipCode - Game Development News & Resources
written by Buuks on Dec 23, 2003 13:19
Some of mine favourites.

Here you can find everything about games. Almost every game for every console you can find here. It also has a lot of user reviews and screenshots.
The International Movie Database. This site has a lot of information about everything made for tv or cinema.
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deep into the jungle
written by Ponche on Dec 25, 2003 13:34
A great freeware viewer, you can get plug-ins for a grear number of different file formats, from graphics to video and audio. Lot of options and as i said, it's free.
five tons of flax!
written by Perryrhodan on Jan 11, 2004 01:42
Astronomy Picture of the day
A new space picture every day.

VDM Sound
A program that can help you to run old DOS games.

LOTS of fantasy art.

Global Network Of Dreams
This website can find stuff you might like.
written by Xeiran on Jan 14, 2004 11:20
Search for Austin R. Scott under Elfwood, and you'll find both of my galleries there!
who needs titles?
written by Pomelos on Jan 14, 2004 16:32
Collection of fun, dark and weird pictures drawn from titles sent by ordinary people to the author.

Lots of mathematical puzzles. Nerd stuff for the nerds.

Stargazer edit:
I fixed the first link - it should work now.

Pomelos' edit:
Oh thanks. Do you think I should always check what I'm writing ?
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five tons of flax!
written by Perryrhodan on Jan 14, 2004 17:13
Woah, Explodingdog is great! *bookmarks*
Thank you very much
written by William dojinn on Jan 14, 2004 21:41

I'm about to give this program a bit of a spin. Hope it's as good as it claims to be.
five tons of flax!
written by Perryrhodan on Jan 15, 2004 15:14
It's really cool to leave the milky way in Celestia, then select Sol again and go there.
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