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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on May 07, 2003 12:02
Just to better clarify how the c-disk works: the c-disk is organized in four main folders, and several "virtual folders". Virtual folders are built from records in the database, while real folders are effective subdirectories of the "cd" directory server-side. Now, the space reserved to the c-disk after the recent upgrade to our hosting account is of 250 megabytes. But you must know that the c-disk also has a "cluster size" setting, which is actually set to 32 Kb per cluster. What does this mean? That if you upload a file of any size below 32 Kb, it will take 32 Kb anyway, and that if you upload a file of, for instance, 40 Kb, it will take 64 Kb, because its allocated disk space is rounded to the next boundary of 32 Kb. Therefore, we have a 250Mb/32Kb limit for uploadable files, which gives a maximum of 8 thousands uploaded files, in the case where all files take an amount less or equal to 32 Kb.

The virtual folders take no space: they are automatically created in every effective folder (gifs, jpgs, pngs, zips) if at least a document of that type has been uploaded by a given member. The virtual folders take the name of the member whose files belong to, and the path to virtual folders looks like: c-disk/doumenttype/membername.

Another kind of virtual folder appears when clicking a link in a member's profile: it looks like c-disk//membername and it lists all files uploaded by that member, no matter the type of file.

Well, that might be all: a possible addition could be a folder listing recently uploaded files, with an icon looking like a clock or something... I'll see what I can do.

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written by Speeder on Dec 22, 2015 20:34
This was the last post on the forums.

Now it isn't anymore.

Sorry for the extreme necro, I had the idea to do this, and suddenly had to check if it was actually possible (many modern boards or deliberarely lock old threads, or just outright lose them and you can't even read them anymore).

Now to just note the date the thread had: Last update of the thread was in May 07, 2003, 12:04

And out of curiosity, since I saw this thread: C-Disk still works? (I never used it, so I never wondered that before).
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Dec 23, 2015 06:23
Speeder said:
And out of curiosity, since I saw this thread: C-Disk still works? (I never used it, so I never wondered that before).
Yep, still works the same, except it's probably much bigger. If you click "home" in the bar up there, there's an "about the community disk" paragraph recapping the actual settings. Max. files is currently 393,216, with a disk capacity of 12 GB. The "quota per member" is just a reference average that one may try not to exceed (but which I wouldn't care much about anyway, as long as we're left with plenty of room).

Settings could probably be further increased, as the VPS disk image is capable of accomodating much more.
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