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written by Raptorjedi on Mar 14, 2004 12:53
Okay, because a lot of new people probably can't tell who is a mod/admin and who isn't, here I am to tell you all.

Alex (The Great ): The creator of this site, and Noctis, L.in.o.l.e.u.m. , Avatar, and other good things. He tends to disappear for periods of time, but this place is jumping when he stops by. Just don't ask him about "you know what" when he does come here...

RaptorJedi: Me... I am here all the time, rain or shine or in the dead of night I am probably any problem causers worst enemy, so as long as you don't stir up trouble, everything will be fine... really, I am a nice guy most of the time unless I am having a bad day. If you really must get ahold of me, I am in IRC all the time.

Skinnymon: He's not around much, but is a long time part of this community. In Noctis IV, he is known as an enthusiastic explorer- perhaps to the point of being ubiquitous. In his overactive zeal, he is the discoverer/commentator on a plethora of stars, planets and moons, because he felt that doing so was an integral part of participating. In this he is a bit deluded; as many Stardrifters do less and are satisfied. Furthermore, in the time of regularly updated Inboxes, he was well known for his reminders of time to update; no doubt ad nauseam to Alex. (Skinnymon still supports Inboxes return.) In addition, he also added some unique terms, some still in use, as a result of his Noctis activities. In spite of this, due to circumstances beyond his control, he is somewhat technically inept and a bit of an anachronistic anomaly here. (But he hopes that can be overlooked. After all, it just happens.)

N.B.: Be this as it may, Skinnymon is to be considered Mostly Harmless.

Ryan: Wrote the Noctis IV manual and themetune, and was a major part of the community in the early days. Following a long stretch of absence, he has now returned. Ryan runs RjB Software, which is behind freeware games such as Afterlife and Evowok Breeder.

Peterpaul Kl H: Our newest addition to the admin ranks [at least when this was written], Peterpaul is a Lino user mostly, and is really good at it. Glad to have him on the team.

Cryoburner: Our newest addition to the admin team. Cryo is working on many interesting projects in the Linoleum programming language, such as Scorch 3K - a Lino remake of the classic artillery game Scorched Earth. Be sure to pester him for screenshots (just kidding )

Stargazer: Lets see... he is the resident space spammer person... thing. Anyway, he probably frequents Galileo's Corner more than anywhere else.

Arrowgrab (fka Premier): Not really a whole lot I can say about Premier, he isn't around a whole lot. Care to fill something in Premier? Feel free to do so

Shadowlord: Our newest mod is half of the maintenance team for Noctis CE, and also wrote UDTool, an important Firefox extension for Urban Dead. (Want to add anything else, SL?)

Chad: A little goofy, very fun loving guy. Can be a bit strange, but we all love Chad (Oh... And heís Sexy!) Chad has left, not wanting to wait around any longer. He came back! Isn't that special?

Megagun:One of the co-conspirators co-creators of NICE, for which we are grateful. (aside from the bugs FEATURES!!!) An old member, despite his age...

Pomelos: He who put "Pomelized" into our vocabulary. A very wonderful member, and a good choice as moderator. I wish I could meet him, but if only he didn't "speak with that outrageous accent" J/K!!! Oh, I forgot he's French...>merde!

Neuzd: Neuzd is currently maintaining the Noctis IV Guide (inboxes and outboxes) and is working on modules to make your life as an explorer easier!

Hall of Fame
This section lists moderators and admins who have either resigned or moved on from the forums.

Xenomorph:Formerly known as Shadowclaw. A big purple Lithium Eater alien warrior, and sort of a grouch, but all around a nice guy. He runs the IRC server. Not on as often as he used to be. [Shadowclaw edit: I am also the token NetBSD user on the forums ]
[Xenomorph edit. I am back! Skreeee and stuff!] Xenomorph decided to resign

OverTilt: Ehm... Me? I'm OverTilt. I've been here a while, and apparently, people find me very responsible, which explains why I was chosen as one of the new mods. together with Cryo. I'm very unstable normally, but you can count on me to stabilise from time to time, when it is needed of me. Oh, and if you like reading out loud, mine is a British accent. Note: Overtilt has resigned from the forum. He came back as Magnulus, but is no longer a moderator.

Kala: Ahhh Kala, everyoneís favourite Moddess, she isn't around a whole lot either, but when she is around, watch out (j/k). Kala has left us, and unless this place is still here, she wont be coming back.
Well thatís it, thatís all of us. Some are here more than others, but one of us is always here. I am doing this for the benefit of newer members, and to avoid whatever confusion might arise.

If anyone mentioned above has anything to add, feel free to do so.
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written by Raptorjedi on May 18, 2004 06:28
Overtilt and Cryoburner are now both Mods, if you want, you can put a little about yourselves here.

Also I edited my above message to mention Kala's current situation.
written by Overtilt on May 18, 2004 13:44
Right. I wrote a little sumthin' sumthin'. I contemplated making a gigantic big header out of my text, but ultimately decided against it. See? I CAN be responsible with my powers!
written by Raptorjedi on Aug 17, 2004 08:51
Added to include Peterpaul Kl H to the admin list ^_^

Edit, also added Cryo because I forgot him...
written by Cryoburner on Aug 17, 2004 11:24
Hah! I didn't even notice, or possibly didn't have time when I first read it. : )

was the screenshot part absolutely necessary? : P
written by Shadowclaw on Dec 16, 2004 17:34
I updated the list due to recent developments.

edit: and again.
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written by Ryan on Sep 14, 2005 16:15
Just updated my entry in the admins list, to reflect that I'm back from my long AWOL period

(Kept the description in the 3rd person, though )
written by Xenomorph on Oct 04, 2005 01:11
Updated the old entry, now I'm back from hiatus.
written by Xenomorph on Apr 17, 2006 12:50
Some reorganisation to the list, and added the Hall of Fame section. Hmmm, the moderators are looking a little thin on the ground...
written by Xenomorph on Jun 11, 2006 01:01
Triple post

Added SL.
written by Stargazer on Jun 06, 2007 18:56

Removed Cryo from the mod team and placed him among the Admins. Congrats Cryo!
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