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written by Stargazer on Jan 21, 2009 14:25
Talking about hallucinations:

Sometimes, especially when I am in the forest during night time (stargazing treks, you know...), I can swear I see things out of the corner of my eye. They are usually dark, small, humanoid shapes, moving as if floating in the air, just outside my field of vision. There is never anything there once I turn my head to investigate, though. When it is really quiet as well, I can barely perceive the sound of whispering around me, laughter even. It sounds child like, as if uttered by a high pitched voice, yet still very low and kind of distant, coming out from the trees. I can never make out actual words, probably because there is none. I know for a fact that I am all alone; at least, I doubt anyone else is up at 04:00, certainly not in the middle of a deep forest some half-way up to the summit of a mountain, yet, there are times I feel like someone or something is there, hiding in the dark, watching me.

It was rather unsettling in the beginning, but I have gotten used to it over the years. These phantasms (for the lack of a better word) have never caused me any harm - after all; how could they? It is all in my head, so I have no reason to fear them.

The leading hypothesis, at least, is that it is my own fantasy, filling the blanks caused by the darkness and silence of the night. The human brain has an affection for patterns; and it will seek out a pattern even in circumstances when there is none. There is nothing to worry about - you are not going insane, your brain is just over-reacting once in a while.
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. /Whatever/HELP I GOT A SERIOUS.../ MESSAGE #100144
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