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written by Cryoburner on Apr 13, 2009 20:50
Suggestion: Make the controls not suck.

Why assign controls for changing various in-game settings to keys like the arrow pad and WASD, the very same keys that new players will immediately press in an attempt to move around? Why not assign actual movement commands to these keys instead? A typical keyboard has over 100 keys, so it's not like there's a shortage of them. This was a problem in NICE that never was addressed, but why not tweak the controls now, and lay them out in an intelligent manner?

Ideally, WASD and the arrow keys should be set to forward, back, and left/right strafe, with the mouse used for mouselook, keeping the basic controls consistent with nearly all other remotely modern PC games that use a first person perspective. At the very least, don't assign them functions to toggle settings. If settings have keys to toggle them, they should be located out of the way, and possibly grouped together to avoid accidental presses. Any 'debug' options for things like hiding grass should either require multiple key presses to activate, such as CTRL-SHIFT-H, or require a certain key combo to toggle access to all of them on and off at once. Another option would be to load control settings from an INI file, allowing one to set up controls however they like, even if their keyboard uses an alternate layout.

Additionally, controls in space should match those on the surface as much as possible. Allowing the option for 'speedup' on the roof but not anywhere else is also awkward, and makes the low framerate without it even more noticeable when transitioning between the two areas. Once again, this should be an option set in an external settings file, which would also allow for the framerate to be limited to any chosen value.

That's it for now. Nice release though. : P
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. /Noctis/NIVPlus R2.2 released/ MESSAGE #101714
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