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written by Frig on Jul 09, 2009 01:46
Heres another one, I put a quick GUI over the scene.

Ajax, I did get carried away with the stars a bit, haha. For the stars I created a new layer and went to Filters>Noise>Hurl, and set the parameters the way I wanted. This will give you a random dispersion of multicolored noise. Go to Colors>Hue-Saturation, and move the saturation slider almost all the way to the left to give it a more black/white look. Then its a simple matter of using the erase tool to shape your starscape, and adding a few touches here and there.

You can also create another layer of stars using the same method, and scale it up to get an additional layer of larger stars. You can also filter out some of the stars with Colors>Threshold if you need to.
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. /Noctis fan art depot/NV visualization/ MESSAGE #102903
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