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written by Serpens on Jul 09, 2009 17:16
Wshew, finally!


I'd like to finally make public the first version of my idea - the Home Systems Project. Concentrated on Balastrackonastreya, Ylastravenya and Fenia, its main function should be providing a place for photographic sector surveys for every world in the home systems.

I decided to take on such a project because, as I see it, the home systems are almos criminally underestimated. Yes, people like to see the Suricrasian Cubes and wander about on Felysia from time to time, but not much more. Because exploring outer space is tempting, Stardrifters turn away from the Felysian systems and look for surprises elsewhere. Because of this, Felysian worlds, and generally all worlds in the home systems, are left underexplored. What can be found in the GUIDE notes only covers the tip of the iceberg. For example, Vericalya has a total of fifteen notes. Is this enough? There's still a lot to be found, and my site ought to help with this.

Of course, the Felysian worlds with ruins are the most interesting targets, but let's not abandon others. EVERY world of the home systems has its own page and has or will have sector surveys.

Oh, yes... I should mention that this site is going to rely heavily on contributions. If you want to help, just go to any sector on any world and do a photographic survey, probably with a description included, and then contact me. That's not to say the site is empty and worthless now. There is some material, quite detailed in several cases. You'll be easily able to locate major landmarks of already covered sectors using the surveys which I already did for the project. Anyway, just take a look... And read the introduction and help pages for more information. And credits! Naturally, this is only the first version. As time progresses (and NIV+ gains more features), many things will get upgraded.

I must also mention that because of my terrible working speed, this wasn't supposed to be made public in several days. However, I had reasons to make a better effort today. More details in the introduction. Let's consider this as a birthday present (kind of) for neuzd, who was VERY helpful with this project. Happy deja vu again.

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. /Noctis/The Home Systems Project/ MESSAGE #102927
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