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written by Serpens on Jul 09, 2009 20:41
Eurysilas said:
Now.....About the actual surveys.....You just want enough to give an impression of what the sector is like, correct? Say....A minimum of five photos and a max of nine, with at least one being a pano?
Actually, this is up to you. Just don't make the survey TOO detailed, because right now, the space available is limited. I hope that this is going to change in the future. But if a sector is particularly interesting (like 127.54 on Felysia), don't be afraid to take 25-30 photos and add an on-the-spot report.

I'd like to thank you and Starchaser for your will to help. Sadly, now my will to explore is not as great as it used to be, so contributions are critical for the project's life. From the very beginning, I have envisioned it as a combined effort, rather than one man's property (yes, it's OURS, neuzd ).

Also, if you think that an already existing survey is incomplete, I'll gladly accept additional material, whether photos or text. Perhaps with time, some sectors which deserve much attention will end up with an elaborate analysis...

By the way, since photos are not everything (and text takes up far less space anyway), I'm planning to extend the project with articles eventually. They would be rather freeform, I think - anything from a scientific analysis to a poem. Naturally, the theme would still remain the same - home systems. So, if anyone would like to write an article, also let me know, it will eventually end up as a part of the project.

OK, sorry, enough rambling for now...
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. /Noctis/The Home Systems Project/ MESSAGE #102934
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