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written by 4616599 on Jul 10, 2009 09:53
I'll probably contribute. So far, I've only been to the home systems (gasp!) 3 times. I really have to visit more often.

Serpens said:

Perhaps with time, some sectors which deserve much attention will end up with an elaborate analysis...

By the way, since photos are not everything (and text takes up far less space anyway), I'm planning to extend the project with articles eventually. They would be rather freeform, I think - anything from a scientific analysis to a poem. Naturally, the theme would still remain the same - home systems. So, if anyone would like to write an article, also let me know, it will eventually end up as a part of the project.

OK, sorry, enough rambling for now...
I'm wondering; how about 'non-canon' stuff like timelines of the homeworlds? I'm pretty sure everyone has had different ideas about them(e.g the central Wetwick continent was the administrative center of the Fenian Federation, Broken Mirror was an independent trade colony, Vericalya was briefly independent from Felysia following a civil war before being reintegrated after the lithium eaters struck the system, etc.)

and...wow, I'm surprised to see '4616599' listed near Skinnymon in the credits section! Surely I don't belong in that category!
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. /Noctis/The Home Systems Project/ MESSAGE #102951
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