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written by Neuzd on Jul 10, 2009 11:44
Why not simply call it Noctis?
I can't see why you have to use a V if not just indicating graphics improvements over Noctis IV, but being concept art, I don't understand the reason of linking it to a specific (and yet unreleased) version of the simulator.

By the way, I love your surface shots, they're among the best I saw from others, and I like them so much because they don't try to add details but capture very well the eerie graphic style of Noctis.

The Stardrifter is a very interesting concept. I must admit I'm now really attached to our blocky ship, and I'm hoping Alex will keep it unchanged for future developments.
But if I wasn't and had to choose between the original design and yours, I would probably push towards an improvement of your design: it is really a good interpretation for a square ship.

Excellent work, please do more!
And also: will you be able to alter an original screenshot, like improving resolution?
That's a technique I tried, but my graphics skills are so poor, I can't get interesting results.
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. /Noctis fan art depot/NV visualization/ MESSAGE #102956
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