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written by Cryoburner on Jan 31, 2010 00:16
I was able to free up enough memory to get NICE to start normally. In addition to disabling the network adapter in VirtualBox as mentioned before, select option 1 when starting FreeDOS. You'll end up with 619k free, and NICE should be able to load normally. Though still slowly, if you lack hardware virtualization. : P

About the only real issue I see with this setup is that getting files into or out of the virtual drive seems to be rather cumbersome. You would think there would be built-in support for common file systems, or at least some freeware utilities for that purpose. Also, anyone on a slow connection might not want to wait for the 90MB download for VirtualBox and the Noctis disk image.

Megagun said:
Regarding disk size: The 2GBness of it all wouldn't really matter much regarding the 83MB the VM claims to be, I think..
Except, if the disk size were limited to less than 83MB, I imagine it wouldn't be able to waste that much space. : )
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. /Noctis/VNoctis virtualized Noctis IV.../ MESSAGE #105056
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