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written by Cryoburner on Feb 01, 2010 00:22
Megagun said:
One cannot resize a Virtualbox Disk Image. Also, the 'wasted space' can be reclaimed by using a 'zero free disk space' tool, but I can't find such a tool for DOS.
I wasn't implying to resize the existing virtual disk, but to simply make a new, smaller one loaded with the same files.

Neuzd said:
Sorry to say it again, but the correct way to transfer files is via shared folders.
Transferring files via a floppy (or virtual floppy) drive doesn't seem any less 'correct'. As long as a file can fit on a floppy disk, it can be transferred in or out relatively easily. Granted, guide.bin wouldn't be able to fit using that method,unless it were compressed first. : )
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. /Noctis/VNoctis virtualized Noctis IV.../ MESSAGE #105085
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