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written by Skinnymon on Apr 16, 2012 06:58
I REALLY wanted NO TYPE of involvement with discussing this project, since I knew from the start that it was "non canonical" (i.e., had as much to do with Noctis as NASA). And besides, who listens to a doddering fool anyway?

But if we're going to talk about what has happened when the creative minds around here have been turned loose to "frolic" with the Noctis storyline, allow me to produce Felisian Inquisition Exhibit Number One:

cd/rars/Skinnymon/ta (35 Kb)
now excuse me while I hide from certain parties who would prefer such knowledge be forgotten and buried...

Shadowclaw/Xenomorph/Gligar and particularly Stargazer!!!
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. /Noctis/Noctis the Movie/ MESSAGE #118682
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