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written by Kristos on Jun 03, 2015 16:01
Hehe, nice spot in the commercial. ^^

I really like Lowes. I used to go there a lot when I did personal projects, but now I'm always tired and sick. Doctor keeps throwing antidepressant medications at me, as if it is some magical cure-all, but the pills just make me even more sick.

I've been spending almost every hour of my life at home, alternating between writing, reading, playing games, watching anime, and doing nothing at all because of my health problems. People say they envy me. Idiots. It sucks. I miss my old life. I miss not having my responsibilities and ambitions countered by physical and emotional pain.

But I have seen some great anime. "Steins;Gate", "The Devil is a Part-Timer", "Gosick", "Spice and Wolf"...

Regarding video games, I've most regularly been playing Guild Wars 2 (scenery video) and Shikihime Garden (one of my favorite cards). Recently I started playing Dust: An Elysian Tail (favorite track from OST) again. It's quite a pleasant platformer.

Now, back to lying down. ._.
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. /Whatever/The 'We Don't Care' Thread/ MESSAGE #129453
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