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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jun 11, 2016 08:43
Dying PC? If my PC dies, I'll have to rebuild my whole desk. And I'm not sure it's that durable, either, it's a cheap [cough] Packard Bell thing. The desk would be rebuilt because the PC was so ugly that I preferred to integrate it behind and into the desk. And then made Star-Trek-TOS-like control panels to turn it on and off, bring USB ports in hands' reach, then I dismantled the amplifier and brought volume controls on the custom panels too. And finished it off with the router's lights, soldered directly to the router's small internal LEDs. And... um... oh, the UPS too. The UPS was scary. Also I think its battery died. I had LEDs for the keyboard status too, I mean the persistent modifiers, I mean... caps lock and the rest. But my current keyboard is a 170-US$ custom W.A.S.D. and I don't want to risk breaking it to solder wires to its status LEDs. So those are disconnected since my last keyboard died. After I hit it hard because Chrome insistend on de-optimizing the ambient occlusion sampler in Cydonia. Before I found it had trouble with type checks at the beginning of the function.
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. /Whatever/The 'We Don't Care' Thread/ MESSAGE #132548
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