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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Oct 08, 2016 02:31
Got a new keyboard, again a WASD. It's the "Code" keyboard, in its classic version featuring Cherry MX Clear mechanical switches: those aren't "clicky", but still require 65 centiNewtons (about 65 grams) of force to be actuated. They're so rather "stiff", which in my opinion improves precision in typing. It feels pretty good, it feels soft and smooth under fingers, and it goes along well with the desk's overall look, because it's completely black with white LED lighting.

It's not that I'm no longer loving my V2 custom anyway: I've currently replaced it with this one, but I bought another WASD mostly because I wanted a spare keyboard for use in case one of them should break down for some reason. I really can't, for the moment, pick a winner between the MX Green and the MX Clear switches: they're both great, I'm probably still leaning slightly in favor of the Green clicky switch, but it's a close match. I'd recommend any of the two, unless the keyboard's for gaming and you need to keep pressing the same keys a gazillion times without minding too much about precision...

Wait, what's that doing there?
I don't remember where or when I picked it...
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. /Whatever/Did I show my desk recently?/ MESSAGE #133205
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