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written by Skinnymon on Oct 10, 2016 22:42
Alex said:
Why... it looks pretty much charted and inhabited.
I didn't do it! I swear!

What I was trying to point out with my earlier comment about NIV was about exploration only being a feature that makes NIV still look good. True, it is a bit "long in the tooth," but it still delivers. Yes, the basic scenery is repetitive, but with a little catnip imagination there is entertainment. And sure, I wished for "That-Which-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned," but I know (from experience) the difference between grand idea and implementing the same is the amount of time and desire available. (Maybe he meant next week.)

As far as No Man's Sky is concerned, it does seem a bit incongruous to see planets littered with crashed spacecraft parts. It really doesn't speak too well for the quality of the spacecraft they're using in that universe. Give me a good old quartz litterbox! [Though I have to admit I like what I see of the basic worlds and the Sporehoppers].

I mean, there is nothing wrong with Noctieliteminecrafochron, erm, NMS aside from the inability to be all things to all gamers perfectly. I only hope that the modifications will lead to making it enjoyable by allowing only the features that are wanted for different levels of play. Maybe they will next month.

Cryo said:
over a decade ago
Decade, hmph...NIV is like 16 years old, but who's counting? well...15 for me cd/pngs/Skinnymon/december5 (123 Kb)

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. /New Members' Hall/Greetings/ MESSAGE #133239
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