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written by Skinnymon on Oct 13, 2016 00:01
So, Alex. The Fine Approach (r58 again after you select the planet) is the same as Vimana Drive (r57)? I thought that Fine Approach was merely like (forgive me the analogy with Star Trek) Impulse Power, and Vimana Drive was like Warp Drive.
sputter! putt! putt!

Though it may explain the same phenomenon- without DOSBox- when I have noticed it in Multiple Star (S08) systems. Sometimes, there you may actually be able to see the target planet (for example, M01 orbiting the companion star P01, supposedly a few dyams away) and it takes a verrrry long time to travel to that world- even engaging the local drive takes a while. I always put this down as a "gravitational effect" of some sort. Particularly if the system has a number of close by companion stars. Though the problem you describe does make sense. IM3CR, targeting elsewhere and returning to the intended target does work sometimes.

[Though my thought was, in Eggofawesome's case there may have a bit of a problem with emulator settings. NIV runs on the DOSBox, but a little bit of lag can be normal.]

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. /Noctis/Fine approach becoming slower?/ MESSAGE #133259
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