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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jun 12, 2017 20:14
You know... the pupils aren't even that much evidently fissure-like, so far, but I guess it's a small kitten thing. They do look round most of the time.

One is missing a leg? That sucks, poor kitty.
An incident or a birth defect?

And yes, feel free to hijack this thread.
I'm currently uploading a video of Rita playing on my bed. I had also posted it two days ago on facebook, it'll be under the following URL:


...except my upload speed is 40 KB/s and the video is over 50 MB, so I have plenty of time to post this message while it's still incomplete. Time left: about 8 minutes, provided the connection holds because it's also being intermittent in recent times. It loses the carrier due to noise on the phone line. I think I'll check some wires in the basement, upon a quick inspection there might be a bit of a mess there. Or it may be that the modem plug could use a DSL filter, other than the one of the phone device.
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. /Whatever/Wanted to post this in change.../ MESSAGE #134510
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