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written by Skinnymon on Jun 13, 2017 16:56
I was going to make a reply to Alex about the original subject of this thread. At least to remark that Cydonia wasn't bad at all, at least as far as it went. Myself, I have a tendency to want to do things that never seem to reach fruition, not because they depress me, but because of the quantity of things that sound appealing, and soon end up with "plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines."

Oh well, just ignore the man behind the curtain.

BUT as long as we are on the subject, im3cr, it was when Cryo first mentioned his kittens, now big kittens (since when you raise them, they never become "cats" to you, do they?) and you made a remark about you would keep the black one. Well, I had that "opportunity."

cd/jpgs/Skinnymon/imag-320 (132 Kb)

Lightning (sitting up), Shad (Shadrach III, down left), and Itty (down right). Three brothers.

And their sisters, Oreo

cd/jpgs/Skinnymon/imag-345o (91 Kb)

and Hydrox (though everyone calls her Roxy).

cd/jpgs/Skinnymon/imag-341r (150 Kb)

Yes, she was born with half a tail, but she seems to feel it's not a "birth defect." It's a feature!

(You would have to wiki Oreo and Hydrox to get the humor in the names- their father was Cookie- also white & black, the mother was a black cat named Woody.)

And last fall, I was adopted by Weezer. (To the left)

cd/jpgs/Skinnymon/imag-350 (138 Kb)

One evening I was outside feeding Penny (one of the older generation cats, Aunt Penny to the young ones) when Weezer appeared and walked slowly over. I said, "You're a Siameser Weezer, aren't you?" She promptly began devouring Penny's food. (Penny had backed off some distance by this point in time.) I let her eat, and went back in thinking she would leave. The next morning she came out of hiding and looking for more food. I fed her again, and she has stayed ever since. She was very thin when she first appeared, so she may have either been "dumped off" by someone who couldn't keep her (or else she was just plain abandoned at her previous home). Where I live is mostly farm area, not city, where "dumping" often happens when people get evicted or just have to move and cannot take the cat with them. It seems a shame, but the local Animal Control does not have a good reputation with cats left in their care, and some people just hope maybe some idiot cat lover ahem...kind person(s) will take the cat in. Anyway, that's the story.

Oh, that's Lightning in the picture with her. Weezer gets along usually with the "boys." The female cats, it's not as peaceful- lots of batting with paws and occasional hisses.

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. /Whatever/Wanted to post this in change.../ MESSAGE #134520
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