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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Aug 15, 2021 08:54
Heh... it's no surprise it isn't integrating with anything system-side. It's... I mean, the system knows almost nothing about it, so does the browser.

Take keyboard input: it's all via javascript, all animated by the site's own proprietary code. What you type stuff in, and edit pages, isn't a "gadget" from the browser or system UI, it's basically an html div (and not a content-editable one).

Same for the on-screen touch keyboard, it's not the one from the Android, iOS or whatever system, it's "our own thing".

On the plus side, this all makes it a little harder to intercept what we type, I guess, through key loggers or something like that, because the operating system or the browser don't even know we're typing something in an input field, they just know we're either pressing keys, or tapping parts of a touch screen.

Yeah, it's a complete departure from what we had here. Text went from relatively small to HUGE, but you know... I'm getting older and consequentially a bit farsighted. I'm 45 now... I need big things to read comfortably, or reading glasses. Maybe that's part of what made that style attractive to me, although it's not just that. There's also nostalgia, and the fact that it feels outrageous (and hence, cool) to have a modern device work like a VT220 green screen terminal...

I'm astounded there's still quite a few "old" members like you here. I had no idea how I'd find the site, and I must say, out of honesty, that 80.style was originally designed with a single goal in mind: be the container for that webcomic, something to load it on, and that'd also be under my "control" for making specific changes and add features as needed, without relying on someone else's options on a regular, existing CMS.

But then... half-way through putting 80.style together, I though MAYBE it could be a successor to Postline, After all, I need just comments and the ability to host ZIP/7Z packages to wrap projects with. So I added those, went on to be completely clueless and undecided, and after it reached this level of functionality, I said... meh, why not? It certainly works better than Postline on mobile devices, after all...

Also, the black-background screen could be a good match to integrate an online, multiplayer kind of successor to Crystal Pixels, a mostly wireframe (with semi-hidden line removal) world where to build homes importing them from modeling tools like SketchUP and Blender... that's a vague idea for the future.

Uh... if you consider yourself neither a man nor a woman, then I guess it doesn't count; if you considered yourself BOTH a man and a woman, then it does and I'd count you in also as a woman.
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