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i do my own stun-- avatars
written by Albeyamakiir on Aug 15, 2021 11:02
Projects can get away from us, yeah. ^_^;

Speaking of security, though, you don't store the passwords in plain text, do you? It's just, it returns the password to me when I sign up, so it feels a bit weird. They say security through obscurity can't be considered security.

Part of the reason I stick around is that the place is so unique, and my childhood memories of Noctis have a special place in my heart. I've never stopped thinking about, if I were to make a procedural game about exploration in a similar vein, what would mine look like?

Possible successor to Crystal Pixels maybe, you say? I am intrigued! But no pressure, of course. Follow your whims. :3

Alex said:
Uh... if you consider yourself neither a man nor a woman, then I guess it doesn't count
Accurate, yes. :3
I wasn't being entirely serious, but I also wasn't sure if you were just wondering about non-men or specifically women, and I would count if it was the former category! Most people don't tend to consider non-binary people, which, while it can suck, it's also an opportunity to be silly!

For example:
In your post: "Apologies, guys and girls." No apologies for me?
Some legal doc thing: "All men and women are subject to the laws here-in." I am above the law! XD
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