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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Aug 15, 2021 13:39
Albeyamakiir said:
Speaking of security, though, you don't store the passwords in plain text, do you? It's just, it returns the password to me when I sign up, so it feels a bit weird.
Egh... no, it doesn't store them as they are, but I guess it either transmits them back or it's just client-side UI scripts that remember the password locally. Most likely the latter, but I must say I'm not sure 'cos I made the registration process a year ago and I don't have a clear memory of that. I might refresh my memory on it.

There's also the controversial, or at leas unusual, choice to NOT hide the password as it's being typed. And the choice of having only alphanumeric characters within the password, while requiring it to be at least 12 characters long.

But I just... I can't stand having to tell people "hey you need AT LEAST one of this, and one of those, and I won't show what you type 'cos spies could be there, or intercepting your screen from remote". Paranoia... it's a blog, it's not a bank account, I don't think it needs extreme security. Let's go with comfort ahead of some additional, marginal security.

Albeyamakiir said:
Part of the reason I stick around is that the place is so unique, and my childhood memories of Noctis have a special place in my heart. I've never stopped thinking about, if I were to make a procedural game about exploration in a similar vein, what would mine look like?
Better than Noctis at least in terms of graphics: that's soooo old... but I see what you mean, I too have childhood games holding special places in my memories. Above all, one of Noctis' inspirators, with its wide unpopulated spaces: Damocles, the second installation of the Mercenary Series by Paul Woakes (Novagen software).

Albeyamakiir said:
Possible successor to Crystal Pixels maybe, you say? I am intrigued! But no pressure, of course. Follow your whims. :3
Well, I had a weird "graphics engine", a few years ago, which was canvas-based, polygonal, with bright 3D edges, and semi-transparent dark surfaces. A lot Tron-like.

It felt... smooth, shiny, and strongly suggestive of an improved Crystal Pixels. I've put it away for now, but it has some potential, especially now that I've got that text-based interface, it'd probably fit well as an online add-on to 80.style, sort of... old-style VR where we could have geometric avatars and stylized landscapes, buildings, vehicles... and we could meet in virtual squares and chat, something like that... don't know if it'd be fun, or intriguing, or anything, it's something that'd need to be tried out to evaluate it accurately.

Albeyamakiir said:
In your post: "Apologies, guys and girls." No apologies for me?
Erm... sorry, next time I'll make sure I consider non-binaries after checking out what's a non-binary. Or just drop the issue about mentioning genders entirely. ^^

Myself I think I'm mostly hetero, or "straight" as they say that. But at the same time I give very little interest to sex, though I'd definitely appreciate females who could work as friends. I just... am not interested enough to actively seek out interaction.
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