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written by Cryoburner on Nov 02, 2004 08:14
The exporter part seems to work fine so far. Nice work! : )

I should note that there seems to be a bug in the png loader though, which doesn't properly load the bottom part of a certain image. You can find the file in question here...
cd/pngs/Cryoburner/nutritios_sm (109 Kb)

Also, I seem to have a strange problem where a certain png image file doesn't appear in the directory listing, although that might be caused by a glitch in iGUI. If copied to another folder, it appears in the list fine, and other images appear within its directory as well.

Anyway, all of the other files I attempted to load, as well as those I saved, worked so far. I hope to see further improvements as they become available. : )
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. /L.in.o.l.e.u.m./PNG image exporter/ MESSAGE #47997
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