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written by Shadowlord on Feb 01, 2005 02:31
Changes in R7:
(See the 'Fixactis Releases' thread for the download links)

  • On planets, M now takes a snapshot and N takes a wide snapshot. (* and / still work of course) These're listed in the F1 keys-list now.
  • The F2 page stays open when you change sectors now. The F2 page also says what type of terrain the sector is (e.g. ICY, OCEAN, PLAINS, etc). If you land on a non-felisian planet and forget what type it is, the F2 page will remind you (since those have only the one terrain type).
  • There were a few more variables which weren't being recalculated when changing sectors. Now they are. For instance, albedo, which did affect some other variables later on. Now they're *all* recalculated when changing sectors, and hopefully, that should be everything. (The most noticable effect was that certain sectors could appear to be one terrain type when you flew there from another sector, but became a different type when you loaded a save or landed right there)
  • Overhaled the seeds for planet surfaces. They shouldn't wind up identical anymore. This also means there's more diversity in general in the land and such.
  • Fixed the insanely-low-temperature-on-planets bug. (It was caused by one missing celsius-to-kelvin conversion)
  • I've merged in "Kylekatarn"'s (he needs a new name ) animal-highlighting and invisible-tree/rock/etc code. A few improvements to it have been made: Centering the range text and only drawing background of the necessary width, also, the highlighting is correctly omitted from snapshots now, some fixes to it were made, and there was one stability problem with it that has been corrected.
  • Fixed the invisible or incorrectly sized sun bug. (That occured on planets, and the problem vanished if you took a snapshot)
  • The compiler is no longer being told to use precompiled headers, and this seems to prevent erroneous out of memory messages during compilation. Before, it was using noctis.sym as a precompiled header file, and apparently it had been throwing more and more stuff into it as we added and removed variables and functions, or something. Anyways, it's gone now, not used anymore, and we're better off for it. P.S. I set the makefile to not use precompiled headers after I suddenly and unexpectedly started getting out of memory errors for noctis-0, noctis-1, and noctis, simultaneously, despite that I had only modified noctis-1, and all I had done was *remove* some code. After removing precompiled headers, it suddenly compiled just fine again. Must be because BCC.exe apparently doesn't use extended memory itself.
  • Earthquakes push you around now too (in addition to just shaking your view), and you'll tend to slide down a slope if you're on one. But right now they don't push hoppers around, and probably they should. Right now earthquakes aren't even visible if you're not on the ground, they won't affect you at all.
  • You can see sunrises and sunsets, and see the sun move now. And weather can change while you're playing. This is an option that can be turned off (extended->more options->Moving Sun or 5->7->9). The appropriate things are recalculated every 20-83 seconds, and on some computers that could cause a noticable slowdown, so you might want to have the option turned off unless you're going out to look for a sunrise or something . Note: The colors transition during sunrise/sunset, but the sky seems to change instantly, and the sun vanishes instantly too. I'm going to take a shot at improving those later.
  • Changed "BREAKING" to "BRAKING" since we aren't breaking the drive, we're braking to slow down. Or is it brakeing? I think it's probably the braking, brakeing looks funny. Well, breaking is definitely wrong anyways.
  • Reduced the size of companion stars, because they were too big - In an S08 I was finding companion stars with more than double the radius of the primary star! And you see star info when you look at local info on a companion star now.
  • Companion stars can heat things now, and substellar objects too, and all of them in the system are taken into account when determining the temperature. Planetary substellar objects heat similarly to how S05's heat (S05's are substellar objects too). In other words, "not much" . Lastly, eclipses are checked for *each* star (or substellar object) for temperature - with NEW temperature, that is. Some things aren't affected by this (for instance, the color of your drifter, which seems to be based on distance from the primary star only and whether it is eclipsed). NEW temperature is default now, since my objection to doing that was that it would change the planet-generation algorithms, and, well, we just changed them to fix a bug.
  • The local planets finder report (In menu 2->6) now also tells you the number of companion stars, if there are any in the system. (In previous versions of Noctis, they were counted as planets)
  • Sometimes the lander was appearing in front of you after you crossed a sector boundary. That should be fixed now.
  • The F2 screen has been changed a bit, so you know if you're in Jetpack or Walking mode. (But right now it still says walking when you're in the lander )
  • There're two new vision modes now, oceanvision and plantvision, which take their colors from the water colors or plant colors respectively. At least that's what we THINK they do. The keys for them are O and P.
  • You can adjust the brightness when you're on a planet by using ctrl-plus and ctrl-minus. ctrl-* (asterisk) resets it to the standard brightness.
  • Er, "Changed jetpack a bit.." - whatever that means.

Also I finally changed the text in the F1 page from 'FIXACTIS' to 'NOCTIS IV CE'. P.S. CE means whatever you want it to mean.

I checked the temperatures of some S08s, S09s, and S10s, and was pretty happy with them. S11's seem to be wicked hot, but it's also that their planets are so much closer to them than to other stars, and they'll probably be left as they are (We need at least one uber-hot star type ).
So I've finally checked the temperatures of ALL the star types now (That sure took a while ).
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. /Noctis/Known Noctis IV Bugs, and.../ MESSAGE #54647
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