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written by Shadowlord on Mar 01, 2005 02:22
If you start Hacirc and run NICE while hacirc is open, you'll be able to chat through the GOES menu. That doesn't require the multiplayer option.

The multiplayer option is supposed to let you see other people's SDs if they're nearby. That didn't work when we tested it, and was also tricky to set up, thus the disclaimer. People kept turning it on and asking why they were getting INVALID XCMD and stuff. It hasn't been worked on recently (we're focusing on other things instead, such as, for instance, new kinds of critters, oh, and other single-player enhancements). We had planned to let you follow other people's SDs, but that's not implemented since seeing them doesn't work yet, etc. As for seeing other felisians on surfaces, heh, that's far away, if it ever gets implemented (And it'd be pretty hard to come up with a decent felisian model that compares to the sketches of felisians that we've seen, etc).

One reason for not working on multiplayer is that it would need a lot of RAM for code that could be used for other purposes. It may get removed entirely (though the source code would just be commented out to it, so it could, in theory, be worked on again later) since it's using some RAM without serving any purpose right now.
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. /Noctis/Known Noctis IV Bugs, and.../ MESSAGE #56496
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