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written by Megagun on Mar 03, 2005 14:31

Anyways, I'm going to release a "8.5" release soon, which is more or less like a BETA release, really.. Oh, It's also NOT merged with SL's latest modifications, so there aren't any new critters or such in this one.. Sorry.. Also, the source code will most likely NOT be released, since it's quite old when you compare it to the NEWEST source code made by SL... I hope you'll understand this... If you'd really need the source code, for whatever reason, you can PM me and I'll get it done... However, note again that it's outdated like hell, and not quite merged yet..


*Fixed the "neck is too weak when you're jumping/using the jetpack" bug. Now, you should be able to jump WITHOUT the automatic "look down" effect...
*Added Raw Screenshot. Use this by either hitting "delete" when in space, or "delete" or "b" when on the surface of a planet. This actually takes a screenshot WITHOUT the parsis coordinations, and the often irritating planet/star name tags..
Enlarged the forests. They are now WAY higher, and should generally look better now. Note that this is quite planet-specific: on some planets, forests may look ugly (like at Vericalya), but on some others, they might look superb (Felysia, for example).. Also note, that the probability of having a "giant" tree in forests is higher now.. Almost every forest should have a "bigger than normal" tree in it now.. This is actually a side-effect of my modifications to the size of the trees, but you don't have to know that, do you?
*Changed the colours of Thin Atmosphere planets. This is still experimental! Basically, they look more "martian" now; lighter.. way lighter.. Anyways, this is still experimental, and I'd like your opinions.. What I'm ultimately aiming for, is random "old" and "new" thin atmosphere planets, but for testing and opinion's sake, I'm not including "old" thin atmosphere planets at the moment.
*Added a hail effect. Hail should occur when it's cold and it should be raining... Hail doesn't really look that uber nice, though.. But meh.. At least it looks different from rain...
*Added Degrassifying. This is temporarily, and it's rather bugged.. Anyways. enable/disable it by pressing the "g" key.. Requested by McWgogs.. It just removes the grassy effect from felysian planets. (if they have it)

Anyways, I'd like people's comments on NICE 8.5, so I can determine if the changes should be kept or not. I'll be uploading a "update only" version soon.. Stay tuned..
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. /Noctis/Known Noctis IV Bugs, and.../ MESSAGE #56672
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