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written by Shadowlord on Aug 08, 2005 22:02
Release 9a

This is a bugfix release. The crash/freezing which happened in R9 appears to happen far less often now, but it does still happen. It turned out there were several crash/freeze bugs, and although most of them seem to be gone now, there's still at least one one left. This is being released even though it still crashes because it's still less crashy than R9.


Full: <cd/zips/Shadowlord/nice-bin-full-r9a>
Update: The update should only be applied to R9. If you try to apply it to normal Noctis or an older NICE version, it will almost certainly not work right. <cd/zips/Shadowlord/nice-bin-update-r9a>
Source: <cd/zips/Shadowlord/nice-src-r9a>

If you want Hacirc and don't have it yet, it's here (It hasn't changed): <cd/zips/Shadowlord/hacirc>

These zips each hold self-extracting exes (made with 7zip), which cuts down on the download size (as opposed to if it were just zipped).

Edit: We do have one report of weirdness now, but I'll leave the download up for now while it's investigated:
Bensel on IRC said:
<Bensel> I've seen everything from hoppers smaller than my toe to hoppers I can see standing on mountains hundreds of yards away.
<Bensel> And a nifty "wind effect" to top it off.
<Bensel> As well as the fact that critters float ten feet off the ground.
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. /Noctis/Noctis IV CE Releases/ MESSAGE #62931
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