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written by Shadowlord on Aug 08, 2005 22:05
R9a, mostly a bugfix release, is available now. You can get it here:

Changes in R9a:
  • Improved the 'speed info' screen (press 'z' while in the drifter), and added its key to the F1 page.
  • Fixed a bug with the 'environmental info' screen which could cause weirdness with the targetting cursor and x/y/z/center indicators.
  • When in terrain mode, the landing screen says "MAYBE TAIGA" now on tundra/taiga/ice instead of saying something incorrect. (It can't actually tell how many trees are in the sector from orbit, which is how it determines what the sector is when you're actually in the sector)
  • Fixed the scoping-speed so it's faster near the star, rather than faster farther away from it. Also, scoping was actually faster at S05s than S06s! That too has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug which made unlabelled systems show labelled bodies as 1 less than should have been shown (e.g. -1 labelled bodies initially, then 0 after you label one, etc, until you leave and come back).
  • Fixed the humongous temperature on roof bug, which happened when you had just started NICE. I had fixed the temperature in the env. info box earlier, but since the code was duplicated in two places, the fix only fixed env info and not the actual temp on the roof. Now it's fixed in GetOrbitingTemperature itself, which both things call.
  • Fixed a buffer underflow in digit_at.
  • Fixed some other problems which might cause crash/freezes.
  • Reverted most of the DOS version's code to 8.5 and then copied back the changes which weren't from porting it. (In order to try to kill the crash bug(s) by brute force since they were still happening and I couldn't find any more). Even after this it still crashes sometimes. :/
  • Sync-Starmap makes sure you've chosen a valid username and password now. (The updated Sync-Starmap was also released earlier on the NICE website)
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. /Noctis/Known Noctis IV Bugs, and.../ MESSAGE #62932
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