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written by Ponche on Aug 25, 2003 20:27
I've developed a little Lino networked game: LinoTicTacToe. It's just a test for me to learn Lino network support. It has one or two bugs, but nothing important... you can play with no problems. You just need to find someone to play with, and an IP (like your own) where to create the game. One player must create the game, and then the other one must join the game in the same IP where the game has been created, of course. Then, just play. Probably, you'll get bored VERY soon... but anyway i will be happy

Here is the game cd/zips/Ponche/linottt (37 Kb)


EDIT: Ok. All known bugs fixed. Now it is not necessary to create the game before the join. This is because the player that joins will automatically retry the connection every 10 seconds.
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. /Members' Projects/Ponche's attic/ MESSAGE #6362
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