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written by Shadowlord on Sep 03, 2005 16:28
R9c: (You can get it here: )

  • Critter 0 has come out of hiding. It's fairly rare, and not on many planets, but it's out there now. (It was added in R9 but wasn't actually being placed on any worlds before, due to a bug)
  • The compass now has a medium-sized dot for NW/NE/SW/SE (smaller than the ones for N/E/S/W, larger than the other dots).
  • The HUD lights now brighten/darken (depending on your HUD brightness) when the following things happen:
    • (surface) you use the Jetpack (hit space)
    • (space) the GOES gets forcefully updated (by a windows-app, such as HacIRC).
    • However, for #2 it works a bit different.. Whereas the lights only turn on/off when you hold the space key on the surface, the lights will *stay* on/off in space, until you look at the GOES output screen (letting the light that is above it turn on)... This makes HacIRC-ing even easier! You don't have to regularly check the output screen to see if anyone said something!
  • Fixed the nearby-targets-finder, which was finding stars that were very far away.
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. /Noctis/Known Noctis IV Bugs, and.../ MESSAGE #64206
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