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written by Shadowlord on Sep 03, 2005 16:29
Release 9c

NOTE: It looks like there's some slowdown in R9c which isn't in R9b. Looking into it, but very little has changed. Hm.


Full: <cd/zips/Shadowlord/nice-bin-full-r9c>
Update: The update should only be applied to R9 or newer. If you try to apply it to normal Noctis or an older NICE version, it will almost certainly not work right. <cd/zips/Shadowlord/nice-bin-update-r9c>
Source: <cd/zips/Shadowlord/nice-src-r9c>

If you want Hacirc and don't have it yet, it's here (It hasn't changed): <cd/zips/Shadowlord/hacirc>

These zips each hold self-extracting exes (made with 7zip), which cuts down on the download size (as opposed to if it were just zipped).
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. /Noctis/Noctis IV CE Releases/ MESSAGE #64207
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