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written by Shadowlord on Sep 29, 2005 20:06

(You can get it here: )

  • By popular request, the 'updating weather etc in...' message is no longer shown.
  • Wide snapshot taking may have been causing crashes - perhaps only on certain planets? (That seems unlikely though) If so, it should be fixed now. The windows version was crashing, but it looks like the DOS one wasn't - except I got one report that it did crash due to a wide snapshot.
  • Fixed a divide by zero exception which could happen with earthquakes.
  • Near targets finder fixed. The previous attempt to fix it failed because, oops, the code only got put in the windows version source.
  • Icy textures no longer tend to have a bright line on certain edge(s).
  • Corrected the position of the medium-sized NE compass dot (it was one dot left of where it should have been).
  • 'b' should no longer take a snapshot while you're naming a system or planet.
  • Fixed a long pause when landing in very bright spots on quartz planets. Also, the freeze bug on those same bright spots may be fixed now (It may have been due to what caused the long pause - I wasn't freezing on those planets anymore after fixing this).
  • Some ruins of various different kinds are possible (but rare) on non-home-system planets.

Forgot to mention:
  • Desert textures are smoothed, so they look much better now.
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. /Noctis/Known Noctis IV Bugs, and.../ MESSAGE #65645
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