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written by Megagun on Jan 03, 2006 14:49

You can get it <a href=http://anywherebb.com/postline/result.php?m=68584>HERE

  • Added moviemaking feature. For more info, read the manual (moviemaking.html) in the docs folder.
  • Changed "X refreshed!"-notice lights from blinking to flashing. They were a bit unnoticable earlier, but since they actually flash now instead of blink, you can actually notice them...
  • Debris (rocks) are back in now, but I don't know if they work like they should. Please pay attention to them a bit more to see if there are any glitches that weren't in earlier.
  • Temporarily fixed the landing pod buggy colours on WNice. It's a messyhack, but still...
  • Added a feature which allows you to hide and show the vertical podlocator beam. Hit "v" to turn it on/off. Defaults to on (ofcourse).
  • Gliders are now given a "G" in the Hopperfinder. Before, they just had a question mark.

    If you find any bugs or glitches, please let us know. Remember to read the moviemaking manual before toying around!

    Example movies (Note: can be taken any moment.. It's a TEMP folder after all!):
    Some of those are done with an old version of the Moviemaker, but that shouldn't matter.. It's them movies that count! Also, allows you to see ze old days of the Moviemaker...
    Compression is Xvid (most peope have a decompressor for that already) and Msvideo1 (comes with most Windozes)

    Edit: I forgot to mention this: PLEASE do not mess too much with the files that are in your moviedecks... You can edit them and such, but removing some of them might not be the best option.. If you want to remove a moviedeck, you can just delete the entire folder, though... It can't really hurt you or your system or anything, it can just make the "moviedeck exists already"-notice go wonky...
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    . /Noctis/Known Noctis IV Bugs, and.../ MESSAGE #68583
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