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written by Megagun on May 23, 2006 15:36

You can get it <a href=http://anywherebb.com/postline/result.php?m=74081> HERE

Added PortableGOES, the GOES that goes with you (pun intended), which can be opened by hitting F5. Okay, it's still not really a portable GOES system yet, since you can't access GUIDE modules (cat, st, etc.) other than cast (which doesn't output anything to the PGoes console), but you can now chat while on planet surfaces using HacIRC (which has been updated to work with most servers, too!) and the Xnice Say and Action commands. Note that all non-guide modules work perfectly, and guide modules will probably be able to get ran through PGoes in the next NICE release..
Fixed a few Moviemaking bugs. Some people have reported that when the MOVIES folder doesn't exist, NICE gets all crashy and starts outputting bug notices like a madman. This has been (messily) fixed now. Also, a few other bugs related to the interface have been fixed.
In addition to the fixes, the Moviemaking feature will now replace "PPS" with "FPS" on the bottom statusbar on your screen. Note that it displays the average FPS for the duration of your movie, not the current FPS rate. This is useful for when you're going to compile the movies into an .avi file. Note that you currently don't have any choice whether to display FPS or not. This will probably be adressed in the next NICE release.
Added a Sector Heightmap viewer, which can be acessed by hitting F10. This basically displays a heightmap (black-white) of the current sector, and your position (and the position of the lander) within the current sector. There are a few buttons displayed on the right side of the screen, which allow you to modify the map's colours a bit (brightness/contrast). The coordinates of your current position are also displayed there in FSU (Felysian Surface Units, the same you see in the Advanced Statistics (F2) display) and the Surface Coordinates (the numbers you see on your compass). Note that this feature was originally intended to be a debug feature, but eventually grew into a more versatile thing. Eventually, we might add more advanced Terrain recon tools to it (such as a beacon placer, surface measurement between beacons, and surface comments), but that's for later...
Source only stuff, which you currently don't get to see (unless you open the source ofcourse): Added Ees33's surface mod, but commented it out again after noticing that it's got a few bugs. It's in there, but doesn't really work. Needs some fixing. Also, added some debugging tools that allow you to see the surface's texture and sky's texture. Look in noctis-2.cpp for showsurftexture and showsky.
Added 'new to noctis' dialog. It's kind of cheesy and lame, and basically tells you to read the documents in the docs folder if you're new to noctis/NICE.. But it's still there. If anyone has better text for it, please send it to any of us (Megagun or Shadowlord) via a PM on AnywhereBB.
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. /Noctis/Known Noctis IV Bugs, and.../ MESSAGE #74080
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