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written by Cryoburner on Jun 16, 2006 10:17
That sphereflake is rather cool, Ponche. Now, lets see some new primatives to build things with in the next release. : D

Hearing of your difficulties determining how long a render would take, I made an attempt at a library for estimating render time, and counting down the time remaining. Basically, it renders a tiny version of the image, timing each row, and then tries to estimate how long each row of the full image will take. It worked beautifully with test.txt, correctly determining the render time down to a fraction of a second, and was even accurate with its size bumped way up.

Unfortunatly, an initial run with test2.txt provided horribly inaccurate results. The estimated time to render was 7:35, which needless to say is extremely far off, and each second took much longer than that to tick by. : \ One potential problem I just thought of is that a timer might be getting multiplied to a number greater than 32 bits at some point. If this is the issue, it should be rather easy to fix. The other possibility I had previously thought of, is that most of the complex parts could be getting missed by rays in the tiny preview render. If that's the problem, then the only potential remedy might be to use a larger preview.

Now that I think of it though, the first reason seems likely, and I should check that out whenever I get a chance. I need to go to sleep now though. : P

Edit: Oh, a random thought! How about making a version of the snowflake where the color changes with each iteration? That might look cool. : )
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