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written by Megagun on Sep 07, 2006 15:28
Noctis IV CE Release 11.5

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* Felysian planets now have better (at least, in my opinion) nighttime colours. All felysian planets used to have exactly the same colours at night. Now they don't anymore. The colours of the foliage, sky and surface will all depend much on the colour of the sky, a bit like how it works on Earth. Ofcourse, if something is bright at day, it will also be pretty bright at night. If a felysian planet has a blue sky and yellow trees, the trees will be blue with a greenish "hue" on them at night. To those of you who have tried the latest betatest of felysian nightcolours I posted on IRC's topic a long time ago: the algorithm hasn't changed since then.
* Felysian planets now have better day-night transitions when you're standing on the surface. This is also an effect of the new nighttime colours. Sunrises look pretty damn convincing now, but sunsets are still a bit flakey. However, the actual algorithm that makes up for the brightness of the sky has also changed. In regular NIV and NICER11 and before, the transition between night and day was like this:
A lot of sectors NIGHT DARK, 5 sectors NIGHT but A BIT LIGHTER, 5 sectors DAY but DARKER THAN NORMAL, a lot of sectors DAY and LIGHT.
As you notice, that's NOT a nice gradient. This has changed so that the brightness of the sky and the surroundings near the terminator day/night will look a bit more natural and have a bit of a better gradient. Also, instead of the full transition day/night taking place in 10 sectors (NIV/NICER11) it now takes place in only 6 sectors.

*Introduced bug: whenever you land on a felysian planet's nightside, part of the palette might screw up and get pretty damn bright (Usually Cyan or blue-coloured). Whenever you change sector, wait a while or restart NICE, this is gone, though.

*Added an ingame manual reader. Hitting F9 anywhere will bring up a manualreader now, which reads 56 text files in order in the noctis/docs folder, with proper formatting. Now you're obviously going "wtf Mega's crazy lol 56 textfiles lolol omg rofl", but let me tell you why I decided to do it that way. Actually, I have another implementation already in the code (which reads only one text file), but it doesn't do any formatting.. Hey, I'm a great coder (LIES! but still) but I'm not great enough to read a whole file, format it and then get a certain page out of it. So therefore I removed the formatting from the "read one textfile" part of the code... But then I noticed that it only read PART of the complete text file for some weird reason. That's why we're not using that method, and get back to the 56 textfiles instead.. Note that the help*.txt files have and use UNIX line-endings, meaning that editing them with Notepad is A NO GO! Use ConTEXT or Programmer's Notepad instead. The code actually uses UNIX lineendings, too, since I didn't get Windows ones to work properly with the code, for some stupid reason. Probably me being an idiot again or something, I don't know.. Also, for some stupid reason I didn't get a black background to work properly when reading the manual on your ship.
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. /Noctis/Known Noctis IV Bugs, and.../ MESSAGE #77833
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