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written by Cryoburner on Dec 07, 2006 01:43
I tried running Hactar through Virtual PC, and it's much faster than with Bochs. Virtual PC 2004 for Windows was made free a few months back, and you can download it here. The setup process to get Hactar running is quick and easy, and performance is decent. Also, things load quicker when using a disk image in place of a floppy. By hitting alt+enter, you'll go into fullscreen mode, where it will look just as though you're running Hactar natively. Also, when you close Virtual PC, you have the option of saving Hactar's state, so that you can continue from where you previously left off.

As I mentioned before, Hactar becomes unresponsive to input after running natively on this system for a short amount of time. While everything else appears to function correctly, including the graphical mode at up to 1600x1200 resolution, it stops accepting key presses after a short while, ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes. The clock continues to tick away, but no input is recognized. Of course, this doesn't occur in Virtual PC.

One thing to note is that when taking screenshots, the printscreen key is captured by the guest OS, so you'll have to either make the window inactive and take a shot of your full desktop, or use a capture tool like that in Irfanview to get the Window's contents alone. Here's a shot I took of Hactar running in Virtual PC...
cd/pngs/Cryoburner/hactarinvpc (19 Kb)

Also, here's a disk image of Hactar that LK posted a while back...
cd/zips/Lkraider/hactar img (211 Kb)
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. /L.in.o.l.e.u.m./Hactar lives!/ MESSAGE #80675
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