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hello! :) felysian
written by Hello! :) on Jan 22, 2007 00:34
There's no option for what I'm selecting.

I will get Vista, probably before I have to. Though it does depend on what you mean by "I have to." Basically, I'm planning on building a new computer, so I'll probably get it. I will probably still use Windows XP, even if I do get Vista. The other part of "I have to" is that I do wish to develop for Vista, which....... obviously means I have to have Vista.

Oh, when I do get Vista (it is a certainty, exactly when is not), I'll most likely get the x64 version purely out of spite towards those who got the 32 bit version (I'd be developing 64 bit exclusively). Plus I'll be able to write nasty hate messages to developers who make their software only available for 32 bit people (namely evil copy/hack protection that requires eviler drivers to run).

I hate rootkits. x64 will offer some protection for now.
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. /Whatever/Vista/ MESSAGE #81646
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