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written by Alex on Oct 13, 2003 03:07

The Narrator

text-based adventures parser
written in L.in.oleum
cd/zips/Alex/narrator (661 Kb)

The Narrator is a L.in.oleum application (with full source code provided) that takes a text file representing a text-based adventure game programmed with a special marking language, which The Narrator understands and parses, reacting to players' commands via special keywords or clickable links in the text that describes ambients in the game. The structure is 100% flexible and the games can be quite long and complex. There is also a brief example story, and a very detailed instructions manual.

Here follows part of the included "storybook file", to give an idea of how simple is the syntax used to write the story, its conditions, its reactions to players' will. Ok, now, it's still some sort of programming language, but it's very very simplified and specialized.

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. /Home Threads/Other Software List/ MESSAGE #8547
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