. /Whatever/Conservapedia and why it sucks/ MESSAGE #86796
written by Geekspeek on Jun 26, 2007 19:17
I just joined Conservapedia a few days ago, and within minutes of my registering, I was permanently banned by one of the sysops. I didn't even have an opportunity to make any edits, or say anything, or do anything at all for that matter. The reason given was "likely vandal". Granted, that's exactly what I was and why I joined (the site is run by asshats and desperately needs to be vandalized), but what if I'd been a legitimate member? There was nothing in my profile to indicate that I might vandalize the site. I wonder how many legitimately moronic people (instead of people like me pretending to be morons) have been permanently banned because they are "likely vandals"?
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. /Whatever/Conservapedia and why it sucks/ MESSAGE #86796
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