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written by Geekspeek on Jun 26, 2007 21:43
Bgreman said:
Geekspeek said:
Granted, that's exactly what I was and why I joined (the site is run by asshats and desperately needs to be vandalized), but what if I'd been a legitimate member?
People like you make me hate everything. Why would you be so mean-spirited as to join a community merely to attempt to harm it. I might think people are asshats or idiots, but I never try to undermine their right to proceed in their idiocy unmolested.

Please retitle this thread "Conservapedia and why Geekspeek sucks".
You obviously have no experience with the site in question. Read some of the articles, especially the ones on "Deceit", "Liberal", and "Clinton", to name just a few, and you will WANT to vandalize that pile of trash.
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. /Whatever/Conservapedia and why it sucks/ MESSAGE #86807
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