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written by Ireclan on Jun 28, 2007 03:20
Geekofdeath, what I THINK BGreman is trying to say is that YOU are "mak[ing] vapid generalizations" and "put[ting] on [an] elitist air". The method in which he's doing so, however, would only have its full effect felt if you where familiar with Slashdot, a pro open source site which delivers news regarding the computer industry, where it is a running joke to put this in a comment on an article in the following format:

3) ???
4) Profit!

I believe the reason BGreman is reacting this way is because HE uses Myspace. Do try to be more careful in your generalizations in the future, to avoid accidentally insulting people.

PS- BGreman, if I got it wrong, PLEASE LET ME KNOW . I am not at all good at reading people in real life, much less the Internet (as you probably saw with the way Magnulus and I interacted in the moderator discussion thread).
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. /Whatever/Technologically Inept/ MESSAGE #86878
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