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written by Shunteralhena on Dec 05, 2007 22:19
OK, my findings.
The discrepancy between Stardrifter's map and actual topology doesn't exist in NICE 11.5 (tested in a Virtual PC Windows XP). This doesn't run under Vista and has far fewer GUIDE entries.

The discrepancy exists, however, in NICE 7a (anyone willing to test: see Tourresh system, Terramont planet, land on an island - you get water!). But 7a runs on Vista (at least on my laptop), and has GUIDE entries.

Now, this is the kind of situation you get for dealing with hacks for ancient games running under brand new operating systems.

Now, I enquire you, people - what version of Noctis do YOU use?

Thanks for all the help so far!
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. /Noctis/NICE and NIV - a soul in.../ MESSAGE #90519
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