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written by Yayo on Feb 24, 2008 01:06
boh.. I personally dislike ajax, it reminds me of an old cleaning-powder brand. : P

This ajax thing is going to change the web pages into applications, and I'm not sure I'll like it.
It'd be good if only it'd be grown up over a reliable REAL standard and if people would be able to use it rather than abuse it. : /
But I bet things will be different.. : P

that's why I like to read that you're going to use it only where it's going to be useful! : 3

And about CSS,
splitting style and structure of a webpage is a good idea I think, but it's not so well implemented IMHO. : P
or maybe it's just me having a strange habit of pointing out all the exceptions of the language itself! bleh! >x |

However, I definitely agree about the 1st-lino-then-all-the-rest plan. : 3

If you want, once you're done with the language itself, you can write the docs as plain text, letting people here finding the better html/css *coughs* implementation with a contest or something.
This would let us all help you in some way. eh? : P

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. /Whatever/Yes I'm here, eh?/ MESSAGE #92478
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